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Choosing a PROVIDER - Training and Dedication

Academy Level Providers

Those who have chosen to commit to the highest level of membership have also agreed to share with the public their ongoing commitment to continued education

The ALF InterFACE Academy is dedicated to the authentic instruction of the creator of ALF Therapy - Dr. Darick Nordstrom.  

We hope that the following provider listing will be helpful to you as you take the next step in your journey.  

Please click on the hyperlink associated with the Academy level provider's listing to allow you to view their ALF InterFACE Academy  education as well as a link to their private office website (if available).


Academy Level Providers by Region/State

International Providers



Kypros Rossides Caringbah, NSW, Australia https://alf.directory/kypros-rossides-bds%2C-syd

Lynette Wallace  Bowral, Australia


Laura Petconi Toronto, Ontario, Canada https://alf.directory/laura-petconi

Anil Soordhar Milton Ontario L9T 7H9 Canada https://alf.directory/anil-soodhar

Janice Goodman Toronto, Ontario Canada


Erik Barman Stallgata 16, 5700 Voss Norway 

US - Eastern Region




Leonard Kundel Stamford Connecticut https://alf.directory/leonard-kundel%2C-dmd

Amparo David Bolton, Connecticut https://alf.directory/amparo-david-dmd

Krithika Jayaprakash Vernon, CT


Myriam Berrahil Miami Beach, FL https://alf.directory/myriam-berrahil

Tara Griffin Panama City Beach, FL

Lisa Yurkiewicz Orlando, Florida https://alf.directory/lisa-yurkeiwicz-dmd%2C-ms

Claire Stagg- Indian Harbour Beach, FL https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/claire-stagg

Mark Kraver Cape Coral, FL


Elizabeth Caughey Atlanta, Georgia https://alf.directory/elizabeth-caughey-dds

Amy Dayries- Ling John's Creek, Georgia https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/amy-dayries-ling


Les Racowsky Boston, MA

New Jersey

Allison Adams Madison, New Jersey https://alf.directory/dr-allison-adams

James Choe Wayne, NJ

New York

Martha Cortes New York, New York https://alf.directory/martha-cortes%2C-dds

Rhona Stanley Woodstock, New York https://alf.directory/rhona-stanley-dds-ms%2Cmph


Melissa Burke Pottsville, PA


Tracy Nguyen- Leesburg, VA

Lynda Dean-Duru Ashburn, Virginia

Bonnie Foster Warrenton, Virginia 

Jeffrey Brown Falls Church, Virginia https://alf.directory/jeffrey-brown

US Midwestern Region




William Mahon   Bentonville, Arkansas https://alf.directory/william-mahon-dmd-ms-ms


Tim Crowe   Chicago, Illinois https://alf.directory/tim-crowe%2C-dmd

Angela Tenholder   Columbia, Illinois/ St. Louis, Missouri area 


Brian Prudent  Moline, Illinois https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/Brian-Prudent

Andrew Mulka   Moline, Illinois https://alfinterfacedirectory.com/andrew-mulka


Charles Beck   Indianapolis, Indiana


Larry Hanus   Iowa City, Iowa


Stephen Fetzik Wichita, Kansas https://alf.directory/stephen-fetzik-dmd

Mark Jensen  Shawnee Mission, KS


Linda Park   Burton, MI


Annelle Soberay Eden Prairie, MN https://alf.directory/frederick-soberay


Stacy Ochoa Imperial, MO https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/stacy-ochoa

Larry Pribyl Independence, MO 


John Johnson New Albany, Ohio/Columbus Area  https://alf.directory/john-johnson%2C-dds

South Dakota

Gayle Reardon Sioux Falls, SD -https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/Gayle-Reardon


Risto Hurme San Antonio, Texas https://alf.directory/risto-hurme-dds

Mandana Milani Garland, TX

Yu Ting Wang Frisco, Texas

Amy Luedeman-Lazar Katy, TX


John Laughlin River Falls, Wisconsin https://alf.directory/john-laughlin-iii

US Mountain Region


Roxanne Siegrist, Crested Butte, Colorado- https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/roxanne-siegrist

US Western Region




Rowena Mandanas- Anchorage, Alaska https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/rowena-mandanas


Griffiths Phoenix, Arizona

Nick Meyer Scottsdale, AZ

Jeanne Anne Krizman- Tuscon, Arizona https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/jeanne-anne-krizman


Darick Nordstrom Fallbrook and Hollister, California

Mona Moy DDS San Francisco Bay Area, California https://alf.directory/mona-moy-dds

Svetlana Yesin San Francisco, California https://alf.directory/svetlana-yesin%2C-dds

Anthony Euredjian  Temple City, California https://alf.directory/anthony-euredjian%2C-dds

Shahrzad Sami DMD, MS, MS Agoura Hills, California https://alf.directory/shahrzad-sami-dmd%2C-ms%2C-ms

Tasha Turzo Santa Cruz, CA https://alf.directory/tasha-turzo

Laura Lawson Albany, CA

Victoria WrightFallbrook, CA

Hila Robbins Los Angeles, CA

Dalia Niknam Los Alamitos, CA 


Niloofar Behzadi-Shannon  San Diego, California https://alf.directory/niloofar-behzadi-shannon

Laurel Morello El Cajon, California https://alf.directory/laurel-morello%2C-dds

Farhang Shahzadi Aliso Viejo, CA

David Shirazi Thousand Oaks, CA and Brentwood, CA - https://alfinterfaceproviderdirectory.com/dave-shirazi

Victoria Wexley Los Angeles, California


Scott Neish Beaverton, OR 


Tran Quach Miller- Bend, Oregon

Interactive Map - Provider Locator

We have an entire website dedicated to enabling patients to locate the provider of their choice.  For a full listing of providers  by membership level as well as our interactive map, please visit www.alf.directory

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 Our provider locator data and the educational information for all ALF InterFACE Academy Level Providers will be updated as frequently as possible.  Our organization supports complete transparency when it comes to ALF related education for our registered providers. 

The ALF InterFACE Academy neither endorses any individuals or companies listed on the ALF InterFACE provider listing nor does the provider listing information imply a certain skill level.  We provide validated educational resource listing for training endorsed by and provided by Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE Academy.   However, we do not guarantee the quality of the educational experiences obtained through other ALF educational resources nor do we claim that all practitioners are listed.  

Even though we are committed to providing validated and updated provider information to the public, is up to the user's discretion to inquire about ALF training, experience and usage when contacting anybody from the provider listing.